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Pregnancy life is a great journey of pregnant women. The idea of having a life in your womb that you will carry for 40 weeks is really amazing. This is a great and wonderful experience that every woman should experience. The journey of pregnancy and the life of being a mother.

Many say that pregnancy is dangerous, especially to those women who have illnesses that they are not allowed to bear a child. But still, many of the women choose to experience this life changing moment, to bear and give birth to a child. From the moment that a woman knows that she is pregnant, the pregnancy life has started. It all counted from the start when your period had stopped and you are in the first week of your pregnancy stage. After that, you will count up to 40 weeks to carry your child in your womb and take good care of it. 

Being pregnant requires great responsibility to you as a mother. Because it might affect your child inside your womb. From the food you eat up to the way you do your daily jobs, and even taking some medications are not allowed. This is how pregnant women suffer when they are pregnant. But of course, as a pregnant woman you have many choices to enjoy life and your pregnancy period. If you really love being pregnant, then you will embrace life and have fun in every life and stages of your pregnancy.

Our goal here is to help you enjoy your life as a woman while being pregnant. We provide here some healthy tips for your pregnant health as well as life changing tips for you as a mother. Based on the life experiences of different mothers who want to share their life changing testimonies and encouragement during their pregnancy time. Surely, you will love being pregnant and enjoy every moment of it!

Enjoy browsing and reading our pregnancy stages and life blogs here and feel free to contact us for your concerns!

Congratulations to you beautiful and soon to be mommy!

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Pregnancy Style Tips On a Budget – Pregnancy Fashion

Last menstrual period date:

Pregnancy is all about change. Your body changes, your emotion changes, your mind changes, basically the life of a pregnant woman changes. Thus, I have provided here the pregnancy style tips on a budget that is highly recommended to the beautiful pregnant women out there. During pregnancy, women are focused…

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The Truth about Cannabis Benefits for Babies in the Womb

In this article, you will find out the Cannabis Benefits for Babies. Normally, when a woman gets pregnant, the first thing the doctors warn her about is the serious risk alcohol and drug consumption poses on the baby’s health during pregnancy. However, new and surprising studies argue that the consumption…

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Creative Means – Pregnancy Announcement

It is such a good experience for the expectant mother to inform their partners and the world about their pregnancy. Several changes happen in the beauty and style of a pregnant woman though some can be hard to notice, especially during the first few weeks. Before it starts showing on…

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Painful Intercourse During Pregnancy

In this blog, we will discuss the healthy tips about painful intercourse during pregnancy. Find out why this happens in your pregnancy period. Photo by Andrea Bertozzini on Unsplash When that BFP (Big Fat Positive) comes up and it’s your first pregnancy, life gets really weird.  You go into your…

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Is Becoming a Midwife Difficult? – Pregnancy Care

Is Becoming a Midwife Difficult? Find out here how to become a certified midwife in United States and why it becomes world’s oldest professions. Midwifery exists as one of the world’s oldest professions.   Many ancient texts including the ancient Egyptian Ebers Papyrus, the Greco-Roman Gynecology text by Soranus of Ephesus, and the Bible’s Old Testament…

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