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Being pregnant, pregnancy, having a baby, all describe one of the most, if not the most important time in a woman’s life. Sure, getting married is a big event in a person’s life, but having a baby, passing on life to another human being is the ultimate life-changing event in a woman’s existence. Any of us who has already given birth can attest to the importance of this phenomenon and understand the major significance of this life-changing event. For those that have not experienced this will soon understand the magnitude, these nine months will have on a woman and on a woman’s body.

Help Answer Your Questions About Healthy Pregnancy

There are so many elements that are involved with giving birth to another human being, it is difficult to list them all in one solitary place, but we have tried to evaluate the more important things that you may discover, and that may affect you during your nine months of baby development. At My Pregnant Health, we will inform you and give advice to many of the common questions and situations that arise from the time you conceive your little one, to the time of arrival of your newborn baby.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first pregnancy or you have already had multiple babies, you will most certainly have many questions and inquiries about a variety of different subjects and topics.

We have put together a vast library of topics, questions, and answers about pregnancy to help you through your journey to motherhood.

Stages of Pregnancy

We take a look at the various Stages of Pregnancy, from conception until the actual event happens, looking at the different hurdles and situations that may arise along the way. The most important part of your pregnancy is Staying Healthy and Safe. In this area, we cover a myriad of topics and questions concerning your health as well as your unborn baby’s health and welfare.

Eating and Exercise

What you eat and how you exercise makes a world of difference especially when you are pregnant. The categories of Nutrition and Weight as well as Exercise and Fitness are very popular because of the possibilities and ramifications involving a many situations you may encounter along your birthing journey. During this time, your life will change in many different ways including your emotions as well as people around you.

Daily Life While Pregnant

We dive into these topics in our Your Life During Pregnancy area, going over topics such as family, depression, and working while you are pregnant. When you are finally ready for the big day to come, you may wonder what the Labor and Delivery are all about. We cover a lot of topics and questions that arise in this important part of the baby-making process.

Other areas we look at are Dad’s section, Beauty and Style While Pregnant, Making Your Home Safe for Baby, Nursery Planning, Gear as well as many other different areas that you may be wondering about.

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