Pregnancy is all about change. Your body changes, your emotion changes, your mind changes, basically the life of a pregnant woman changes. Thus, I have provided here the pregnancy style tips on a budget that is highly recommended to the beautiful pregnant women out there.

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During pregnancy, women are focused on their health and their baby’s health, which is codependent, so healthy lifestyle is crucial for keeping numerous factors in order. But, any mom-to-be out there, vanity aside, would lie if she would say that staying in shape and looking good is not somewhere among those priorities. And that’s totally fine, and should be encouraged.

The problem here is where do you draw the line between what’s chic and what will make you look like a tent, and between what’s affordable and what will have you sacrifice your baby’s crib for a fancy maternity blazer.  You have to be smart, because you don’t want to drop all your pre-pregnancy clothes and fill your entire wardrobe with expensive new ones, because those won’t fit you anyway when you’re no longer pregnant. There are ways to look stylish and save a few bucks along the way.

pregnant women fashion tips

Pregnancy Style Tips – Keep what fits

Don’t put all your “old” clothes away. There are nifty ways to incorporate your favorite pieces with other pregnancy necessities that you’ll be needing, especially later on during pregnancy, like bras and maternity tank tops. Every oversize item you own will probably still fit as well as those stretchy yoga pants. So if you need a new pair of pants, because you can’t wear your regular skinny jeans, buy the ones that fit, and wear them with your favorite sweaters. You can also buy one pair of affordable jeans and take them to a tailor to convert them into maternity pants, and you can later go back for readjustments.

Maternity departments

Many stores have their little maternity departments with specially designed pregnancy clothes. You can often find nice and really practical outfits, but they can be overly priced, simply because they’re tagged like maternity clothes, much like plus size clothing lines. Instead, buy a bigger size of a shirt or cardigan you like.

Embrace your baby bump

You shouldn’t avoid clothes that show off your pregnant belly. Actually, stretchy and flowy dresses are a beautiful clothing item for pregnant women. You can stay true to your own style and wear whatever dress shape or length you prefer – if you feel good and confident in it, you will look gorgeous. Stretchy, body-con dresses are most likely to get you through your pregnancy and post-pregnancy as well, so if you want more options check great deals on maternity dresses that you can accessorize differently for versatile looks.

pregnancy cardigans and blazers

Open cardigans and blazers

If you feel more comfortable in elegant clothes, you can achieve that elegance with a stylish open front blazer. You will feel very special and trendy in one of super comfy suede long blazers that have waterfall lapels or fringed finish lines. That’s another piece that you’ll not want to take off, and you can use it later, when you go for a stroller walk with your baby.


Whenever you don’t feel like dressing up, you can always hop into something more comfortable. Anyway, when you’re pregnant you can do pretty much what you want, but don’t take advantage of it. Besides, casual and comfy doesn’t imply sweatpants and Uggs. You need to choose footwear that’s comfortable for you, and sneakers are universally ok. Good news is that they match well with basic, jersey dresses, as well as with casual tights and a loose shirt look.

There are ways to make it work without going overboard and stressing out about clothes. At the end of the day, feeling good is more powerful than just looking good, but if you can make these two work together, it will shine through.

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