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It is such a good experience for the expectant mother to inform their partners and the world about their pregnancy. Several changes happen in the beauty and style of a pregnant woman though some can be hard to notice, especially during the first few weeks. Before it starts showing on your belly or skin, there are numerous ways of breaking the latest world news to make the public aware of another life in your womb. If you monitor your pregnancy week by week, discovering that you are expectant is such a big deal, but breaking the news is half the fun! Here are some of the most creative means for a pregnancy announcement.My Pregnant Health | Pregnancy Health Care Tips | creative means to announce pregnancy

  1. Bun in Oven
    You can take your partner by surprise at night after he comes home from work. Place a large bun in the oven. Tell him there is something sweet cooking in the oven. He will be a little puzzled before he can figure out the message you are trying to deliver.

2. Propose Fatherhood
Proposing fatherhood is a great way to break the latest world news that you are expecting a child. Create a similar scenario like when your husband proposed marriage to you, but propose fatherhood instead. Instead of handing him a ring box, give him a bracelet box containing your positive pregnancy test and ask, “Will you please be a caring and loving father?” That is a great style and beauty mean to promote your husband into a father.

3. Shifting the Subject
Put it into writing indirectly on the door or your top. For instance, write, “My son is being promoted to Big Brother.” Alternatively buy him a present t-shirt with the writing, “Latest world news: you will be the proudest dad in the next nine months.”

4. Saving Plan
As you continue monitoring your pregnancy week by week, buy your husband a piggy bank labeled “Our Baby College Fund: Only 18 years and 9 months to save.” Place it in a dresser room where he can find it. It should not take you by surprise if he comes running to hug you. It is also a good call for him to start saving or preparing a new household budget.

5. Request Stretch Mark Cream
If it’s about the time you go shopping for your household goods, put stretch mark cream in bold at the top of your list or insist it is important. As a woman an expectant mother who loves beauty and style, you should be familiar with helpful skin care treatments and its information during pregnancy because your skin becomes vulnerable due to hormonal and physical changes. He will rush to inquire what the stretch mark cream is for. Tell him, “I will need to get back in shape after nine months.”

6. Multimedia Messaging
If you are a computer pro, you can make movies and photo slideshows on your home PC. Create a very memorable pregnancy announcement by editing together some of your favorite pictures and home video clips with the final message that you are expectant. Burn on a DVD and play it when he is eating his favorite meal. You can also send a multimedia message to his email or phone to take him by surprise.

7. Present after Dinner
If you win the heart of your husband with his favorite dish, prepare it for dinner and hand a present with your positive pregnancy test. If you plan to go out for dinner, request a restaurant attendant to hand in the latest world news at the end of the meal. He might share his jubilation with staff and patron, who will also be excited for you. If your husband is not the outgoing type, serve his favorite dinner in the best table you have never had the chance to use and hand in the present of your test results afterward.

8. Mug Shots
Your bundle of joy will be the next little partner in crime! Share the good latest world news by staging a “mug shot” photo shoot. To take it to another step, take photos during pregnancy week by week, with posters to demonstrate the progress of your unborn child. Alternatively, after delivery, sit your baby next to posters saying, “I spent nine months inside.”

Very few things in life can compare to the experience you get when you learn that you are going to have a baby. The excitement caused hormonal changes and the latest news in the world can be life-changing, especially through how you will share it with your family and friends. The first person you should disclose your pregnancy to is your husband before telling it to the rest of the world. Using such creative ways to deliver the message home will be thrilling to people you are in close contact with and those who care. Congratulations, and good luck!

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