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Vitamin C for Pregnant Women – Pregnancy Nutrition

Vitamin C for pregnancy

Is Vitamin C for Pregnant Women Important? Vitamin C is an “essential” nutrient.  “Essential” means that, unlike just about every other living being on the planet, we cannot manufacture our own supply and need to eat foods containing it.  Vitamin C, also known…

Minerals Nutrition: Copper during Pregnancy

Minerals Nutrition: What About Copper? Remember when you were a kid and you stuck your wet lip onto your popsicle and it froze and left little blood spots behind when you pulled it off?  Remember how it tasted when you licked your lip…

Vitamins in Pregnancy: Take the Red Pill!

Vitamins to Take When Pregnant Take the Red Pill

One of the first things a doctor will prescribe for a newly-pregnant woman is a prenatal multivitamin. In this blog, you will find out the importance of vitamins in pregnancy.  Most of the pregnant women do not take vitamins during their pregnancy. Ladies,…

Vitamins to Take When Pregnant: Choline during Pregnancy

Vitamins to Take When Pregnant: Choline during Pregnancy

We’ve known about the importance of various vitamins to take when pregnant like folic acid, calcium, magnesium, etc, for decades but it’s only just recently that the importance of a relatively unknown nutrient, choline, has come to light. In this blog, you will…

What Not to Eat and Drink During Pregnancy – Pregnancy Nutrition Tips

What not to Eat and Drink during Pregnancy

Eating healthy food while pregnant is highly recommended. In this blog, you will find the healthy pregnancy nutrition tips that you should consider for a healthy pregnancy. Fried, fatty, and greasy foods The good news is, you’re probably not going to want to…

Dietary Fats During Pregnancy – Pregnancy Nutrition Tips

Dietary Fats during Pregnancy

In this blog, you will find pregnancy nutrition tips about dietary fats during pregnancy. Find out how these dietary fats during pregnancy could be healthy to you and to your baby. For years, dietary fat has been demonized, leading to all kinds of…

Pregnancy Food Cravings – Pregnancy Nutrition Tips

t some ridiculous hour of the morning, your eyes snap open and all you can think about is “It”: the food item or combination of food items you have got to have, right now. You look over at your spouse, dead to the world after a rough day at work and a rougher day riding your mood swings and think …

Vitamin A in Pregnancy – Pregnancy Nutrition Tips

Vitamin A during Pregnancy

Vitamin A in pregnancy  is important as it gives great nourishment to you and to your baby. Find out in this blog how this vitamin A give benefits to your pregnancy. Vitamin A is vital for normal cellular function, including those involved in…

Food Additives to Prevent in Pregnancy

Beware of these Food Additives While You are Pregnant

In this blog, you will find useful information about food additives to prevent in your pregnancy. Read more on this blog and find out what are the lists of these food additives. You know about the raw meat and the raw egg and…

Is it Safe to go on a Weight Loss Diet during Pregnancy

Is it Safe to go on a Weight Loss Diet during Pregnancy

Finally, however, a proper study has been done that has found quite the opposite. Not only is it not dangerous to go on a diet during your pregnancy, but it’s actually beneficial becuase …



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