Going organic while pregnant is a great lifestyle for a healthy pregnancy. In this article, read the healthy pregnancy nutrition tips and find out the different organic food for a healthy pregnancy.

Up until one moment, a woman is in charge of taking care of herself, but as soon as she becomes a mother, she has two lives to take care of. When that other life is in her belly, the responsibility is even greater. An expecting mother has to make sure her child is safe, which means that she will beware in eating food that have harmful additives and use the products that contains safe chemicals.

“Green living” is a choice of many people who are concerned for their health, and because pregnancy requires extra care, it is even more essential during that period. Read on for more reasons to switch to organic lifestyle and how to do it.

How Are Conventional Products and Food Harmful?

Though there are pros and cons concerning the harmfulness of conventionally grown food and manufactured items, we can all agree that there is no doubt that what comes from nature is the healthiest option. Since you are eating for two now, you should think about how unhealthy can some food be. Non-organic food contains a number of chemicals such as residues of pesticides and herbicides. Though traces of them can be removed by thorough washing, the exposure alone can lead to many negative effects for both you and your child, some of which are neurological conditions (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – ADHD), birth defects, degenerative diseases and chronic illnesses. Furthermore, the products you are using in your skincare routine can also contain a number of chemicals, which can be absorbed through the skin and influence yours and your child’s well-being. In fact, researchers suggested that unborn babies are exposed to hundreds of chemicals, while still in the womb, and a major part of them comes from everyday products, like make up and skincare.

Choosing Organic Food

According to a report by American Academy of Pediatrics, organic food means less contamination of livestock with drug-resistant bacteria and lower exposure to pesticides, which translates to less chemical residues that can pose danger for you and your unborn baby. Going green seems like a natural thing to do then. Fortunately, it is cleaning up your diet is quite simple. Just focus on whole foods (unprocessed dairy products, fruits, vegetables, etc.), check the origin of the food before buying it (is it labeled organic), avoid canned food and try to do your own cooking.

organic food for a healthy pregnancy, organic skin careGoing Green with Your Skincare

Unlike conventional skincare products, organics are tested (not on animals) and safe. With synthetic skincare, you are applying more than 200 chemicals on your face and body and 50 percent of those ingredients are absorbed through your skin. Who knows how many of them will find a way to your baby? For that reason, you should opt for organic face moisturizers, alcohol-free cleansers, and “green” products, in general, because they are feeding your skin (and through it your baby, too) with high concentrations of safe, pure and healthy plant-based ingredients.

Opting for the “Green Lifestyle”

Since by now, you have probably realized all the benefits of organic food and skincare, you should also understand how living a complete “green life” can lead to various positive changes in your body and mind. Other things where there is room for improvement are clothes and cleaning products. Use organic cleaning products to avoid inhaling or touching chemicals, and try to, whenever you can, wear clothes made of organically grown and produced cotton. Later on, you can carry on with that good habit, by buying that kind of baby clothes and diapers.

Nature wishes and provides only good things for you and your baby. All you need to do is to take its gifts and be grateful. Because every mother’s primary concern is her child’s well-being, we have no doubt that you will do so.

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