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How to sleep better when pregnant? This is a common and curios question of the first time pregnant woman. In this blog, we will give some tips on how to sleep better as this is advisable and perfect for you and your baby.

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Pregnancy and having a baby brings about major changes, not only to our body but also to our lifestyle in general. It’s the most wonderful, and at the same time unsettling experience that a woman goes through. The hormones start raging rapidly creating discomfort, occasional nausea and cramps which are causing sleep disturbance. It’s a well-known fact that without a good night’s sleep, our concentration starts breaking and we are unable to function and focus on our daily obligations. What’s more, a restful night of sleep is crucial during these nine months as it affects the baby’s natural development.  Here are a few useful suggestions how to get enough of that sleep you’ve been craving for.

Eat light food

As the months go by and you are approaching the third trimester, your body organs have less and less space. The food you eat, and when you eat it, has a great impact on your sleep. Avoid eating spicy food, especially before bedtime. It will cause heartburn and difficulty with digestion and make you toss and turn all through the night without having a minute of sound sleep. You can try having a snack such as cereals with milk, a piece of toast with butter, or some light cheese.  It’s also advisable to skip soft drinks and drink hot milk or a nice cup of tea before going to bed. They will help you unwind and sleep like a baby.

My Pregnant Health | Pregnancy Health Care Tips |

Use body pillows

As the pregnancy progresses, you’ll find it more and more difficult to take a comfortable sleeping position, especially if you sleep on your stomach. It’s always a good idea to start getting used to sleeping on the side in the first few months, preferably on your left side as it increases the amount of blood that the baby receives. If that doesn’t help, try buying one of those effective body pillows. A body pillow supports your lower back and helps you find your comfort zone. You can experiment with different kinds of pillows such as a full-body pillow, or a wedge-shaped pillow to find the support your body needs.

Take power naps

It’s a well-known fact that women suffer from daily fatigue during pregnancy. If you feel tired or sleepy during the day, you might take a quick snooze. However, bear in mind that it’s effective as long as it lasts no longer than half an hour. Otherwise, your body will receive a signal that it has entered a deep sleep, which will affect the night’s sleep.  If you feel you need more sleep, don’t worry, you can always take a few naps a day. You will feel energized, and will also be able to sleep peacefully during the night.

Learn to relax by practicing yoga

Exercising is good not only for a general mental and physical state, but is also highly beneficial during the pregnancy period. It has a positive effect on your cardiovascular system and boosts your energy enabling you to engage in any activity without getting exhausted. It also calms your mind and helps you handle any stressful situation. Keep in mind not to work out very hard, especially before bedtime, as it might interfere with your natural sleep cycle. Yoga is the healthiest and the most efficient sport you can do during the pregnancy. It includes many stretching exercises which relax the body and makes falling asleep easier.

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Create your own sanctuary

Our bedroom should be our sanctuary. If you want to drift into a good, restful sleep, it’s essential to create a pleasant atmosphere by blocking out the light and noise from the room. Also, try to add more moisture to the room by placing an effective humidifier on your night table. Nothing should interrupt your good night’s sleep. Another thing that might help is establishing a sleeping routine which means going to bed and waking up at fixed time every day. Before going to bed, remove all electronic devices from the room and choose a light reading instead.

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