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You just got the news that your baby is growing healthy. This is what is supposed to happen, but as you are both growing, your back is carrying all that weight.  It’s hard when you have to catch up with your everyday obligations and you have back pain. You are not alone with this problem. Most pregnant women have these problems especially in their third trimester.  In this blog you can find lots of tips that can help you minimize your back pain during pregnancy.

back pain during pregnancy

Back Pain During Pregnancy Causes

Picking something up from the floor is the worst back pain scenario that any pregnant woman can imagine. It will take you at least 15 minutes to do it, followed by extreme pain at the sacrliac joint (place where the pelvis meets your spine). Here are some of the reasons why this can happen.

Extra Weight:  During pregnancy women can gain between 25 and 35 pounds. Our spine will support this extra weight for nine months. Your baby is growing and the uterus puts its own pressure on the nerves in your pelvis and back. This is why you have a pain in your lower back.

Changes in posture: You may have not noticed, but your center of gravity in pregnancy has changed. Yes, pregnancy can do that. It can shift your center of gravity without noticing. As a result, you have adjusted your posture and your way of moving. Posture changes can also be the cause for your sore back or strain.

Hormones: There are lots of hormone changes during pregnancy. Relaxin is a hormone released from your body that allows your ligaments in the pelvic area to relax. Relaxed ligaments can harm you because they support the spine and after some time they can become loosen. This can lead to instability along with a painful back.

Stress: It is a common reason for pregnancy back aches and pains. Stress can cause muscle tension in your back which is felt as sharp pains in your lower back and back spasms.

Tips that can help you minimize your back pain

Women who have never had back pain problems in the past, experience this problem for the first time should know that before they give birth, this pain will ease gradually. Until then, you will want something that can ease your painful back.

Warm and cold: Wrap cold vegetables in a towel or take a bag of ice and apply the towel on your painful area for 20 minutes, several times a day. I like to use a bag of frozen carrots or peas. Switch the cold towels with warm ones after three days. Do not apply hot towels to your abdomen!

Improved posture: Improved posture means no stress on your back. Try to use proper posture while working, sleeping and sitting. The proper way to do it is by putting a pillow between your knees before you sleep, or rest your feet on a stool while sitting.

Release your stress: A good friend or counselor may help you release stress. Try to talk about your problems; do not keep your problems inside. This is a big part of your pregnancy.

Massage: A simple massage will take away your  pain instantly, but not for a long time. During your last trimester the pain will increase and if you practice massage more often it helps a lot.

Acupuncture: It is recommended to ameliorate your low back pain. Ask your health care provider if you are interested.

Proper shoes: High heels or any kind of shoes that aren’t comfortable may cause you to have  pain. Wear something that feels comfortable, in this way you can be sure that your spine can take some rest too.

A good night sleep: if you are in your early pregnancy sleeping on your back will not harm your spine. Sleeping on your back in your second half of pregnancy causes back pain and can harm your spine.

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