While waiting for childbirth, many pregnant women are faced with the phenomenon of swollen feet in pregnancy. Pregnancy swelling occurs due to the fact that a woman’s body begins to produce more blood.

swollen feet in pregnancy

Every month, the uterus starts to grow. Increasing in size, it begins to put pressure on the pelvic veins and the large vein that is located on the right side of the body. These veins are supplied with blood from the body parts located below. For this reason, it begins to slow down blood flow. Water begins to linger in the tissues of the ankle and leg tissue.

Swollen Feet in Pregnancy (edema) – Stages

  • Stage 1. Swelling of the legs (edema in the legs and ankles).
  • Stage 2. Swelling of the Lumbosacral region, lower extremity edema and swelling of the lower abdomen.
  • Stage 3. To all the above is added edema swelling of the hands.
  • Stage 4. General swelling.

How to understand, do you have swollen feet in pregnancy or not?

To see if you have to swell, you have to watch yourself. Press down gently with your finger on your skin and take a look. If after you withdraw your finger, the skin quickly leveled off, the edema no, it’s okay, but if for some time on the skin remains fossa, it indicates the presence of edema.

If your shoes or other footwear, which until recently has been useful to you, you begin to reap the legs, it is also indicative of edema. Also, you can talk about the swelling in the event that rings on your hands start to compress the toes.

If you have to swell of the feet, then there is nothing wrong with such a phenomenon is considered perfectly normal. Very often, the constant thirst and lack of fluid in the body due to the fact that demand has increased in the body. By evening they arise, and go in the morning.

If begin to swell fingers, there is swelling of the face, swollen feet constantly, you can say that there was quite a serious complication that is called preeclampsia (toxemia of late).

Preeclampsia and extent of its display

  • First degree – gestational edema. On this level are manifested swelling or abnormal weight gain. The woman feels strong and constant fatigue, malaise, weakness.
  • Second degree – nephropathy pregnant. At this stage in the urine of pregnant women is possible to detect the protein. The woman appears statements, high blood pressure. If all three symptoms appear, it means that there is a serious threat to health. If there are only some of the symptoms that can be cured symptomatically.
  • Third Degree – preeclampsia. At this stage, all symptoms manifest nephropathy, and there are signs of fundus diseases.
  • The fourth degree – cramps. This is a very dangerous stage of preeclampsia, as due to the manifestation of the fetus may die due to suffocation occurs placenta aging.

If the swelling begins to appear in the period of twenty weeks or more, it is an alarming signal for the woman, she should alert and immediately report it to your doctor. In the case of symptoms of edema must very carefully examine the pregnant woman, to be able to establish the true reason why the swelling occurred. Still need to know that not all cases of swelling indicate preeclampsia.

In the later stages of pregnancy, edema may occur due to the fact that disrupted the flow of urine, as the growing uterus begins to put pressure on the ureters.

If no action will be taken, the swelling will begin to spread throughout the body. Naturally, a woman may find you swelling, which is clearly manifested. But there are times when only a doctor can detect swelling, which is hidden. Also, a woman may be a delay in the body of excess fluid. This may indicate uneven and rather large female weight gain.

If a pregnant woman is healthy and has no problems with the work of the kidneys and the cardiovascular system to work, then it most often swelling begins to appear in the second half of pregnancy.

First start swelling in the legs, then may begin to swell your hands, face, stomach. Future moms especially strongly upset if the person begins to swell, because on the face of the most evident swelling of the eyelids. It is on the eyelids there is loose fiber, and it is able to hold up reasonably well in the liquid itself.

At night, the liquid begins to spread throughout the body, so the swelling is not so much noticeable in the morning. But in the afternoon, when the load on the legs strong enough liquid begins to descend and dwell mostly in the legs, ankles, and feet on the back side.

swollen feet in pregnancy







How to get rid of pregnancy swelling?

What to do if your feet are swelling due to pregnancy? Here are the examples of remedies in pregnancy swelling that you should try at home. 

  • Every day, try to lie with raised legs for fifteen to twenty minutes.
  • Massage with a sponge your feet.
  • It should be as much as possible to move. If a woman has a swelling, then it is contraindicated or sedentary lifestyle, lying, it will only aggravate the condition.
  • Do your legs bath with sea salt? In this case, the water temperature should be about 31-35 degrees.
  • Use special gel against edema.
  • How can you spend less time in hot places?
  • Try to minimize the consumption of carbonated beverages and sweet because they can slow elimination from the body fluid.
  • Do not limit the amount of fluid consumed. If the body is not received the necessary amount of liquid, it is trying to do everything possible to keep it. Throughout the day you need to drink about three liters of fluid.
  • Try every day to do exercises.
  • Limit your consumption of foods that are rich in sodium (salted nuts, olives).
  • Minimize the use of salt. Throughout the day will be sufficient to 15-2 grams. If the case is very severe, the doctor may recommend a salt-free diet.
  • Before you get out of bed in the morning, wear tights with high waist. Thus, it can prevent blood from stagnating at the ankles.
  • Useful swelling foods rich in vitamin C. It is found in large quantities in all citrus fruits in melon, tomatoes, red in the green peppers in broccoli, strawberries.
  • Also, try to eat foods rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E is found in vegetable oils. Especially many of its soy oil in corn oil, wheat germ oil.

If you are sitting or lying down, try to get your feet are at this time above the hips. While sitting, take care that you do not lay the foot on the leg, because in this case the blood circulation, which can cause blood clots. If you have a standing job, try to stand, shifting from one foot to the other, thus improving blood flow to the feet.

You can ask for any of your loved ones to make you a foot massage and a foot. If the swelling is very manifest, then the massage will need to give up, because in it there may be the unpleasant pain. Some neutral oil can be used for massage.

(A good option would be grape seed oil. Essential oils should not be used. The aromatic oil may be a small amount (a few drops) was added to a vessel with water, there are not a time lower legs. Chamomile and lavender oil to help relax and relieve fatigue discomfort. Cypress, oil is very useful for improving blood circulation and varicose veins.)

To remove the swelling a little, you can use cabbage leaves. It is advisable to choose the leaves of dark green color. Cabbage leaves should be pre-cooled in the refrigerator, do not wash them. Apply cool leaves on the swollen areas of the feet. When you see moisture on the leaves, and then attach new cold cabbage leaves. They have the ability to absorb excess fluid well.

Among the homeopathic remedies can be identified natrum muriaticum (sodium chloride). This material is good at swelling, as it helps to restore the fluid exchange. It should be within five days or two tablets one to four times daily (dosage 30). If after taking this drug does not improve, you should seek a consultation with a homeopath.

(You can try drinking tea made from dandelion roots. It is very good for excess fluid retention in the body. But if you have cholecystitis, this tea is taken strictly prohibited. You have to remember that before taking any medications or herbal chayov you need to consult with your doctor)

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