Although women have been delivering babies for centuries, the invention of pregnancy tests is relatively new.  So how did all those women figure out they were pregnant? Their bodies told them.  Once you’ve conceived, your body will begin sending you a variety of clues regarding your current upgrade to mama class.  Some of the signs such as food cravings may be subtle, but others will be significantly less so.  Let’s take a look at six signs of pregnancy in the first month.

Signs of Pregnancy in the First Month

1.       A Missed Period
If you’ve been diligently tracking your cycles, you should know when you miss your next period.  Although every now and then your cycle may be off, odds are you may be pregnant.  It’s important to note that some women experience an abnormal period or light bleeding which can be mistaken for a period.  If you experience any of the following signs in conjunction with an abnormal menstrual cycle, you may want to go ahead and take a pregnancy test.

2.      Nausea
Forget the term morning sickness; you’ll likely experience nausea anytime during the day or night.  Many women experience severe nausea in the morning as their stomach has been empty for eight hours or more.  Eating a small snack before bed and a few saltines when you wake can help alleviate the symptoms of nausea.  For many women this stops by the second trimester; however some women have experienced nausea throughout their pregnancy while others never experience it at all.

3.      Tender Breasts
With the many hormonal changes happening throughout your body your breasts are likely to swell and feel tender.  It’s a good idea to consider very supportive bras during the first month as pregnancy—even while you sleep.

4.      Low Energy Levels
You’re building a little person!  The fetus is pulling everything it needs from you, and your body is working overtime.  You’ll likely experience anything from mild fatigue to downright exhaustion.  Practice saying no now.  Skip evenings out in favor of staying home, putting your feet up and crashing out early.

5.      Changes in Food Perception
While some women become super sensitive to particular food smells, others report no changes.  It’s likely that you’ll experience cravings throughout your pregnancy.  This may be your body’s natural way to obtaining certain building blocks the baby needs to continue growing.  It’s best to opt for the healthy option of whatever your craving is; if you’re craving a burger, skip Five Guys and have your partner fire up the grill instead.  You may also find that beloved favorites now make stomach churn—and that’s all par for the course.

6.      Mood Swings
You’ll likely experience sudden, inexplicable mood swings.  The tiniest action of another may be seriously offensive or a kind gesture may bring you to tears.  Don’t worry: mood changes are simply part of the package.  The hormonal fluctuations your body is experiencing causes these mood swings.  Try to be aware of your reactions and modify them as appropriate.

Remember: each pregnancy is unique.  Not only will your body’s reaction to your pregnancy be different than that of other women’s, but it will likely react differently in subsequent pregnancies.  Mothers with several children often report that their levels of fatigue and moodiness changed with each pregnancy.  And what they craved during the first pregnancy they couldn’t go near during the second.  During the first month of pregnancy just remember to treat yourself kindly; your body was built to give birth, but it’s still just learning the ropes too.

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