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Pregnancy Tests 101: Down Syndrome Screening During Pregnancy

This exists as a personal question for all expecting mothers. Some women want to know as soon as possible so they can prepare for a child with special needs. Other mothers don’t care and do not have the test. The risk of having a child with Down Syndrome is

Prenatal Tests 101: Routine Ultrasound Pregnancy Scans

Ultrasounds can be used for several important reasons. First, they can determine a baby’s due date based on his or her size and development. Second, it can confirm whether or not a mother is carrying multiple babies. Third they …

Vitamin C for Pregnant Women – Pregnancy Nutrition

Vitamin C for pregnancy

Is Vitamin C for Pregnant Women Important? Vitamin C is an “essential” nutrient.  “Essential” means that, unlike just about every other living being on the planet, we cannot manufacture our own supply and need to eat foods containing it.  Vitamin C, also known…

Minerals Nutrition: Copper during Pregnancy

Minerals Nutrition: What About Copper? Remember when you were a kid and you stuck your wet lip onto your popsicle and it froze and left little blood spots behind when you pulled it off?  Remember how it tasted when you licked your lip…

Vitamins in Pregnancy: Take the Red Pill!

Vitamins to Take When Pregnant Take the Red Pill

One of the first things a doctor will prescribe for a newly-pregnant woman is a prenatal multivitamin. In this blog, you will find out the importance of vitamins in pregnancy.  Most of the pregnant women do not take vitamins during their pregnancy. Ladies,…

Vitamins to Take When Pregnant: Choline during Pregnancy

Vitamins to Take When Pregnant: Choline during Pregnancy

We’ve known about the importance of various vitamins to take when pregnant like folic acid, calcium, magnesium, etc, for decades but it’s only just recently that the importance of a relatively unknown nutrient, choline, has come to light. In this blog, you will…

Is Nipple Discharge in Pregnancy a Normal Situation?

Discovering you’re pregnant may indeed be a joyful time; however some of the changes your body will experience over the next nine months may be less so.  From the acne to the weight gain you’ll likely experience a revolving door of physical changes. …

Can You Take a Pregnancy Test While Bleeding?

Well, can you take a pregnancy test while bleeding ? Yes. Home pregnancy tests measure the level of hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, in your urine.  This hormone, only produced during a pregnancy, is also present in the blood.  As long as you…

How You Can Make Your Own Pregnancy Test at Home

How You Can Make Your Own Pregnancy Test at Home

Before the widespread use of home pregnancy tests, women often created their own pregnancy tests.  And you too, can make your own pregnancy test at home, with several simple ingredients readily available in your home or just down the road at your local…

Polyhydramnios in Pregnancy

Polyhydramnios Causes Too Much of a Good Thing

This prenatal condition develops when there is too much amniotic fluid in the amniotic sac. And here’s the good news: polydyramnios develops in about 1% of expecting mothers. That means that …



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