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Oligohydramnios in Pregnancy- Causes, Risk and Treatment

Oligohydramnios Treatment Not Enough of a Good Thing

Ready to learn a new prenatal vocabulary word? Oligohydramnios in pregnancy is a very long term referring to a dealing with a deficit of amniotic fluid.  This is a condition that can lead to several serious conditions including facial distortion and growth restriction. …

(DES) Diethylstilbestrol in Pregnancy: An Unfortunate Medical Legacy

Diethylstilbestrol An Unfortunate Medical Legacy

You’re bound to come away from your pregnancy having learned an entirely new set of acronyms.  One such acronym is DES.  DES stands for diethylstilbestrol. In this blog, you will find more information about diethylstilbestrol in pregnancy. DES is a synthetic form of…

Prenatal Testing 101: Streptococcus Group B Screening

Prenatal Testing 101 streptococcus group b Screening

Streptococcus Group B  is one of the last tests your OB or midwife will order during your pregnancy.  As part of routine prenatal testing, this test is performed in the third trimester.  GBS, or Group B Streptococcus, refers to a type of bacteria. …



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