What to expect during pregnancy?

We all know that pregnancy is around 9 months long but in fact it is a little longer than this. Its duration must be counted from the first day of your last menstrual period rather than the conception day. Keeping a pregnancy calendar is very useful for the future moms.

In general, a normal pregnancy lasts around 40 weeks. The pregnancy is being tracked week by week rather than month by month because the specific changes in the baby and in the mother occur weekly. During the months of pregnancy you will experience various symptoms such as:

  • morning sickness;
  • swollen feet;
  • frequent urination;
  • tender breasts;
  • constipation;
  • mood swings and many others.



Pregnancy can be divided into three phases, called trimesters. The duration of each trimester is around three months. The beginning if the first trimester of pregnancy is the first day of your last period. This trimester lasts until the end of week 12.

This is a critical period for the successful pregnancy and a lot of changes take place during these weeks. In the case of normal fertility and ovulation, the conception occurs when the sperm meets the egg. Then, the fertilized egg starts dividing into specific layers of cells. After that, when the pregnancy is a normal one, the egg will implant the womb. Otherwise, it is called an ‘ectopic pregnancy’ which is fatal for the egg and very dangerous for the mother.

This is the period of the fastest growing of the baby. By week 6, the doctor will probably be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat. By the end of the trimester, the baby’s bones, organs and muscles will be formed. Now the embryo has turned into a fetus.

Morning SicknessWhat to Expect during Pregnancy

During the first trimester you will probably start to feel the so called ‘morning sickness’. In fact, it lasts often through the whole day and it may seem like you are living your life in the bathroom. You cannot avoid this but there are ways to ease this condition. These are a few things that you can try:

  • suck ice cubes when you feel sick;
  • have small and light but frequent meals;
  • prefer foods and drinks that contain ginger.

Change Your Life for Good

Everyone has bad habits but when you are pregnant, you have an additional reason to change them.

Consult with your doctor what foods and medicines you should avoid because of your baby’s health. This is the time to forget about alcohol and smoking and reduce caffeine intake. Have in mind that your own body through the feeling of sickness will make you avoid specific foods and beverages. Many pregnant women find out that now they cannot stand eating or even seeing meat and others without feeling sick.

Changes in the Mood

Being pregnant is both exciting and terrifying. You never know for sure whether your baby is truly ok and sometimes you find it truly impossible to control your emotions because of the rapidly changing hormone level in your body. It does not become easier because of the inability of the others to understand what you experience. If you feel such a need, do not hesitate to consult a psychologist. Talking to a professional might help you clear your mind and reduce stress.

What to Expect during the Second Trimester of Pregnancy?

pregnancy expectations
These are the middle three months of your pregnancy and the fact that you are pregnant will now become obvious for the others. During the period between week 13 and week 28 the symptoms of the first trimester will probably become weaker and you will feel better with less moments of sickness, total lack of energy and anxiety.

Choose Where to Give Birth

This is the time to choose a hospital and a doctor for this important moment of your life. It is a major decision, so you need enough information to take it. Be sure to ask about an advice the couples close to you who have babies. This might save you a lot of troubles.

The Sex of the Baby

During the second trimester a scan, made by the doctor could show the sex of the baby. It is up to you to decide whether you want to know its sex at this moment. You might prefer to wait until the baby is born. Have in mind that what the doctor will tell you about the sex of the baby will never be 100% sure, so there still might be a surprise later.

The End of Pregnancybaby after pregnancy labor

The third trimester longs from week 29 to week 40. Week 40 is supposed to be the final of your pregnancy but it will not be a surprise if your baby is overdue. In this case, consult your doctor what is the best decision for you – whether to wait or to induce labor.

During these final weeks, the most important thing is you to feel well. You will probably be totally exhausted but remember that you will soon become a mother and this will be the most wonderful experience in your life. Think about the great moments which you will have in the future and do not doubt to ask for any help that you might need.



Pregnancy Calendar

Although the pregnancy week-to-week changes in your body and the development of the baby can be predicted, still there is a lot of individuality in the process. The way your pregnancy will flow depends on your general health condition, whether you are expecting a boy, a girl or twins, and many others.

We advise you to use a free pregnancy calendar to track your pregnancy. Fill in daily every change that you notice. No matter whether you choose to keep a pregnancy calendar week by week or a more detailed pregnancy calendar day by day, as we recommend, this pregnancy journal will give your doctor precious information. The specialist will be able to determine according the pregnancy calendar your due date and whether everything about you and your baby is going normally.

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