In this blog, you will find the best tips for naturally inducing pregnancy labor. Read here and find out what are these tips.

Tips for Naturally Inducing Labor

You know the back-and-forth you experienced trying to agree on your little angel’s name?  That’s nothing compared to the medical community’s opinion on effective means of naturally inducing labor.

There are literally dozens of old wives tales out there, each suggesting a different natural way to start your labor.  And thousands of women will swear that it was the black licorice or castor oil that started it.  So how do you know what will work for you?  That’s a very good question.

Why the Controversy?

Here’s the thing: very few, if any, naturally-inducing  aids have any solid, scientific proof regarding their ability to actually start this process.  Why, you ask? Good question.  The answer: there’s no way of scientifically measuring if that pineapple or super spicy food you ate kick-started your labor naturally, or if it was just your actual time.

That being said, many women swear that several natural methods of labor induction really work.   And we all know the thing about rumors: most of them contain a germ of truth.  So, as your estimated due date approaches, and you want to try naturally inducing your labor, these may be your best options.

Some believe that certain activities such as walking, exercising on a ball, and sex can actually get things going.  And there are some scientific theories to support these activities for different reasons.  To learn more, considering reading more information here.

The majority of old wives tales support a variety of foods to start things on their way.  Favorite foods in this category include pineapple, eggplant, black licorice, and spicy foods.  Other consumables including evening primrose oil and castor oil as favorites the world over as well.  To learn more about the specific theories behind why certain foods may work, head over to this great article.

The Mind
The mind is a pretty powerful tool, and many alternative healthcare professionals believe in the power of visualization and affirmation to create a physical response in the body.  In other words, if you can think it, you can do it.  To learn more, try The Mind’s Ability to Naturally Induce Labor.

Remember: what works for one woman may not work for other.  But don’t worry: there are quite a few different approaches to naturally inducing the final step to motherhood.  Can’t wrap your mind around having sex nine months pregnant?  No worries—just put on your comfiest sneakers and take a walk.  Can’t bear the thought of walking with your giant belly?  Don’t sweat it!  Head to the grocery store instead and pick up a handful of labor-inducing goodies.  No matter your mindset, there is a labor-inducing option out there for you.

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