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Minerals Nutrition: Copper during Pregnancy

Minerals Nutrition: What About Copper? Remember when you were a kid and you stuck your wet lip onto your popsicle and it froze and left little blood spots behind when you pulled it off?  Remember how it tasted when you licked your lip…

Vitamins in Pregnancy: Take the Red Pill!

Vitamins to Take When Pregnant Take the Red Pill

One of the first things a doctor will prescribe for a newly-pregnant woman is a prenatal multivitamin. In this blog, you will find out the importance of vitamins in pregnancy.  Most of the pregnant women do not take vitamins during their pregnancy. Ladies,…

Magnesium in Pregnancy – How much can a Pregnant Woman Take?

How Much Magnesium Can a Pregnant Woman Take

In this blog, you can find helpful pregnancy nutrition tips about magnesium in pregnancy. Magnesium is another unsung hero of the nutrient world surrounded by a lot of hype, much of which is unproven or has been debunked.  Other than that, there isn’t…



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