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Pregnancy Tests 101: Down Syndrome Screening During Pregnancy

This exists as a personal question for all expecting mothers. Some women want to know as soon as possible so they can prepare for a child with special needs. Other mothers don’t care and do not have the test. The risk of having a child with Down Syndrome is

Can You Take a Pregnancy Test While Bleeding?

Well, can you take a pregnancy test while bleeding ? Yes. Home pregnancy tests measure the level of hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, in your urine.  This hormone, only produced during a pregnancy, is also present in the blood.  As long as you…

How You Can Make Your Own Pregnancy Test at Home

How You Can Make Your Own Pregnancy Test at Home

Before the widespread use of home pregnancy tests, women often created their own pregnancy tests.  And you too, can make your own pregnancy test at home, with several simple ingredients readily available in your home or just down the road at your local…

Prenatal Tests 101: Amniocentesis Test in Pregnancy

Prenatal Tests 101 Amniocentesis Test

During your pregnancy you’re bound to learn an entirely new vocabulary.  One word your doctor is sure to use is amniocentesis. Amniocentesis test in pregnancy is important for your pregnancy health. Find out more through reading this blog. This word refers to a…

What are Normal Chemical Pregnancy hCG Levels?

What are Normal Chemical Pregnancy hCG Levels

What are Normal Chemical Pregnancy hCG Levels? Undoubtedly, you’ll be learning an entirely new pregnancy-related vocabulary over the next nine months.  One of the new words, or acronyms in this case, you’re bound to come across is hCG.  hCG is short for human…

Best Home Pregnancy Test – Pregnancy Tips

Best Home Pregnancy Test

In this blog, you will read the tips about best home pregnancy test. Are home pregnancy tests accurate?  The simple answer is mostly—when used properly.  The tests you take at home are virtually identical to those your doctor will give you at the…

What Are Screening Tests? – Pregnancy Health Tips

What are screening tests

What Are Screening Tests? Find out more about this pregnancy test and how it will give benefits to your pregnancy. Read more here. Screening tests during pregnancy are offered to detect diseases or observe a condition to prevent significant problems. In the past…

Nuchal Translucency Test – Pregnancy Health Tips

Nuchal Translucency Test

Nuchal Translucency test is a prenatal test that can help your health care practitioner find out your baby’s risk of having Down syndrome or other chromosomal abnormalities and inherited heart problems. This test is non-invasive. It is done to measure the clear translucent…



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