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Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy – Ten Effective Tips That You Should Try

The period of pregnancy is always a time of joy and anticipation for expectant mothers. However, it is also a time of sensitive health, as women are increasingly prone to several types of pains and illnesses during pregnancy, such as the pelvic pain…

Swollen Feet in Pregnancy – Remedies and Healthy Tips

While waiting for childbirth, many pregnant women are faced with the phenomenon of swollen feet in pregnancy. Pregnancy swelling occurs due to the fact that a woman’s body begins to produce more blood. Every month, the uterus starts to grow. Increasing in size,…

What Birthing Positions Will Best Ease My Labor Pains?

What Birthing Positions Will Best Ease My Labor Pains

What birthing positions will best ease my pregnancy labor pains? Here’s the truth: natural labor will hurt.  Anyone who tells you something different is trying to sell you something that won’t work.  That being said, many options exist to help ease your labor…

Pregnancy Cramps vs Abdominal Cramps – Pregnancy Health Tips

Occasional pregnancy cramps are normal, do not panic! They are a reminder sent from your body to take it easy. But, sometimes they can be an alert for certain digestive problems or give out emergency signals for which you need urgent medical attention.…

Why is My Belly Button Painful During Pregnancy?

A common pregnancy complaint involves the area surrounding the belly button. While some women experience little to no pain, others experience …

Back Pain During Pregnancy

back pain during pregnancy

You just got the news that your baby is growing healthy. This is what is supposed to happen, but as you are both growing, your back is carrying all that weight.  It’s hard when you have to catch up with your everyday obligations…



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