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Baby in Posterior Position Births

Baby in Posterior Position Births

In this blog you will read pregnancy tips about baby in posterior position births. Ideally, if you’re having a natural birth, you want the baby to travel through the birth canal face-down.  In this position, hardest part of the head is near your…

Forceps and Vacuum-Assisted Delivery – Pregnancy Delivery

Forcep and Vacuum-Assisted Delivery

This term refers to a vaginal delivery in which complications arise and a doctor needs to assist by using forceps or a vacuum device. Over the past few decades, forceps have fallen out of favor with most doctors as the medical community believes that a vacuum-assisted delivery tends to be lower risk.

Pregnancy Delivery Tips – Facts About Cesarean Recovery

In this blog, you will find the information about pregnancy delivery tips regarding cesarean recovery. Read more here the facts about recovery tips from cesarean delivery. After nine months of pregnancy, every woman is ready to give birth.  And if your little one…

How Can I Choose a Certified Midwife? – Pregnancy Tips

How Can I Choose a Certified Midwife

How can I choose a certified midwife? Choosing a midwife is just like selecting any other healthcare professional: you should be prepared to set aside time to do some research and interview potential candidates.  Remember:  midwives are people too.   Some will be outgoing…



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