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Lose Post Pregnancy Pounds – Pregnancy Exercises

Post baby weight can be difficult to shed. Most of the new mothers often wonder if they are going to achieve that fabulous body ever again. Honestly, if you choose to go with the right type of pregnancy exercises, then there is nothing…

Exercise During Pregnancy: A Must for Expecting Mamas

Exercise During Pregnancy A Must for Expecting Mamas

Pregnancy puts a great deal of stress on the body, and this stress only increases as your baby grows.  The good news is that, exercise during pregnancy focusing on both the body’s core and circulatory system can drastically reduce common pregnancy complaints as…

Walking is the Best Pregnancy Exercise – Pregnancy Tips

Walking The Ultimate Pregnancy Exercise

Walking is the best pregnancy exercise that a mama-to-be can do throughout her pregnancy. Although prenatal yoga, Pilates, and belly dancing are also excellent exercises, they become more difficult in the third trimester.  Certain poses and positions must be modified to ensure the…



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