Post baby weight can be difficult to shed. Most of the new mothers often wonder if they are going to achieve that fabulous body ever again. Honestly, if you choose to go with the right type of pregnancy exercises, then there is nothing to worry about.

The multitude of suggestions that you receive from your painstaking friends and relatives are not going to work. It is your body and you know better about it.  What method of weight-loss you agree on and how you plan on moving ahead with it is really going to affect your body and strength.

So, before you start planning, just take care of a few things:


  • Exercise Right

If you had opted for a pregnancy yoga plan during the last nine months, then getting into the new regime will not be much of a problem for you.  Select an exercise that falls in your comfort zone. For the new mothers, it gets difficult to hit the gym from time to time hence, you can opt for a home exercise only.  Post pregnancy Pilates and yoga exercise are the best choices that you can make.  It will not just help you shed the weight, but will also strengthen the muscles.

  • Get a Routinepregnancy exercises

Laziness keeps hovering over the new mothers as they often feel tired with the new big responsibility of the baby.  However, motherhood is the phase of life that you
must enjoy rather than being overburdened. To avoid the pressure, try socializing with friends and family. Being with a family will help you in the regular care of the baby so that you can steal time for the post pregnancy exercises and self-grooming.  Getting the help of a child care specialist can also work in your favor. This way you won’t have to compromise with your routine.

eat at pregnancy

  • Eat, Eat And Eat

Gone are the days when you could shed those extra pounds with a crash diet. Your body has gone through a great transformation and needs that extra boost of energy to keep you and the baby fit. Make sure you eat great food comprised of all the essentials. Be friends with salads, fruits, and vegetables. Do not forget that the baby relies on what you eat and this will be continuing for a few months. Even if you have crossed the months of breastfeeding, there still is a need of strengthening your body as it has been through  various physical and hormonal changes.

  • Remember, Slow and Steady Wins the RaceSlow and steady wins race

Don’t get into the hurry of shedding weight.  After all, you have pounded that weight in 9 long months, so, it is obviously going to take a while to get rid of it. Be steady and calm in order to achieve your defined goal. It doesn’t matter if the effects show very slowly; the success is in achieving it in a constant way.

     Moreover, never forget that you look beautiful even with those extra pounds. So, there is no hurry. 

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