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Once your nesting impulse hits, use it to full advantage and prepping for your baby’s arrival, by practicing kitchen safety for kids.  You’ll be spending a lot of time in the kitchen over the next several months; whether it’s preparing bottles, sterilizing them, or grabbing a snack, taking the time to organize your kitchen now is a great idea.  Here are five ways to prepare your kitchen for your baby’s arrival.

Prepping for Your Babys Arrival kitchen safety for kids

1.      Feeding Supplies
Even if you plan on breastfeeding, it’s a good idea to have a few bottles ready.  While some babies take the breast immediately, others are slower to get the hang of it.  You most likely received a few bottles at your shower.  Sometime in the third trimester, take a day to evaluate your kitchen organization.  Something’s got to give to make way for the bottles and later the bowls and sippy cups and cute mini-me silverware.  Put on your favorite music and start to reorganize the cabinets.  If possible, keep things in close reach; if you end up having a C-section, the closer items are to hip height, the better.

2.      Sterilization Supplies
If you plan on bottle feeding, it’s time to set up your sterilization stations.  Whether you choose to sterilize in boiling water, or in those nifty microwavable steamer bags, set everything up so it’s easy accessible.

3.      Baby Proof
While you’re organizing your cabinets and counter space, you may as well go ahead and practice kitchen safety for kids.  It’s true what everyone tells you: time flies.  Before you know it, your little one will be crawling.  It’s best to baby proof now while you can still read the directions.  Trying to baby proof through exhaustion is just a bad idea!  Rope your spouse or a friend in to help you and have a fun afternoon making sure that Houdini himself couldn’t open up that cabinet under the sink.

4.      Stock Up on Snacks
Sometime during your ninth month, make a trip to the store and spend a ridiculous amount of your grocery budget on snacks.  Then, prepare another list for your hubby, mother, or friend to purchase the week you come home.  The first few weeks being home with your little one will be glorious—but they will also be exhausting.  Your darling will sleep for a mere 2-3 hours at a time if you’re lucky.  You’ll be running ragged and won’t want to cook for yourself.  Stock up on healthy snacks: nuts, seeds, dried fruits and veggies, protein-packed granola.  You get the idea.  The second list should contain perishables: yogurt, fruit and veggie trays, cheeses, hummus.  You may not be able to cook, but with a fridge stocked with snacks you won’t be hungry.

5.      Stock the Freezer
Somewhere in your nesting phase spend some time in the kitchen prepping as many frozen meals as your freezer can take.  Soups, lasagna, chili, meatloaf…anything that you love to eat and that will freeze well should take up every inch of space.  Your friends and family will likely bring meals as well, so you may want to leave a bit of room!  As you adjust during the first two months, cooking will fall by the wayside as a priority, so make nutritious, filling meals now.  You’ll be glad you did!

So make that room an oasis of kitchen safety for kids. Preparing your home for your little one’s arrival can be a daunting task, but just take one thing at a time.  Start with the countertops one weekend and the next weekend tackle the cabinets.  Just start early enough so you have enough time!  And don’t be shy about asking friends or family to help—they are likely just waiting for an invitation.

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