I’m Pregnant, Is Jogging Safe? In this blog, we will discuss the healthy tips about jogging and pregnancy.

Jogging and Pregnancy

Most women are often questioning the possibility of continuing the habit of active jogging even during their pregnancies. Not only that staying physically active is safe during this time, but it also helps and makes the pregnant joggers to benefit in the post-birth recovery time.

Maintaining regular exercises while your pregnant is important if you want to stay fit and feel better in the days when you are expecting a baby. Staying active  helps mothers to reduce stress, have better sleep and feel less fatigue. It can reduce other risks during pregnancy with only 30 minutes of exercise daily.

Rethinking jogging
For those women that are thinking of jogging as an option to stay active during their pregnancy, they should consider that it is safe to continue this activity during their pregnancy if they already have a habit of jogging. Women who haven’t been jogging before the pregnancy should consider waiting and starting to run after giving birth.

Every women and every pregnancy is different, and in any of the above cases they should ask for a specific and safe plan to follow during the pregnancy from their doctor. If some symptoms or warning signs occur while jogging, don’t ignore them, report them to your doctor and consult if you should continue with running.

Monitor the activity
Always try to monitor whatever activities you are doing while you are pregnant, and be sure not to overdo it in order to keep everything in balance.

Most women gain more weight in their first trimester even if they made a careful plan before they got pregnant about the gaining pounds. However, those who are physically ready to maintain the jogging habit throughout the pregnancy have no problem with gaining unnecessary weight during pregnancy. This depends on the motivation, and on the habits that the mother had before the pregnancy. Most women didn’t exercise daily before their pregnancy, and they are not expected to start exercising prior their pregnancy. This doesn’t mean that if you are rethinking jogging or doing cardio while your pregnant you should postpone it. You can start, for example, with forming a daily walking habit.

Useful Tips

  • Always keep your doctor informed
  • Always be careful about every change in your body, and monitor your breathing
  • Always wear loose clothing and supportive shoes during the exercise
  • Consider the walking/jogging option
  • Be sure to drink enough water during the exercise
  • Always be sure to slow down and not to exhaust yourself
  • Avoid every activity that may increase the risk of falling or getting injured after the first trimester.
  • Before you go out to jog, dress in comfortable clothes that will allow you to sweat and keep you cool.
  • Proper shoes for jogging will protect you against injuries to your foot and proper bra can provide good support which is very important especially while you are with child.

It is nice that you want to be fit while your carrying your baby. Running is going to help you stay healthy, but you should know your limits and learn how to protect yourself against all the things that may harm you and your baby. A healthy and balanced diet will help you replace the calories and glucose used by your working muscles during exercise. Your metabolism works fast during pregnancy. The important thing for you is to know is when you should stop jogging. Most pregnant runners force themselves and end up with cramps and lower back pain. This is certainly not the time for you to achieve high scores. If you feel uncomfortable while jogging or any kind of unusual symptoms, stop jogging immediately.

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