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In this blog, you will find tips about inducing pregnancy labor at home.

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Well, you can certainly try!  Many women prefer attempting to induce labor at home rather than through drugs at a hospital or birthing center.  And with so many home options available, hopefully one will work for you!  If you’re planning to give birth at a hospital, one important benefit of inducing labor at home is that you can enjoy the comforts of home for as long as you’d like to; once you arrive at the hospital you’ll be obligated to follow their policies, which may include no eating or drinking while in labor.

Inducing Pregnancy Labor at Home – In the Bedroom
Yup!  Since you’re at home, you can try two main ways to do this in the bedroom: sex and nipple stimulation.  Having sex with your partner might not be at the top of your to-do list at nine months pregnant, but the prostaglandins in your partner’s ejaculate may coax the cervix into beginning the contractions to naturally begin labor.  On the other hand, breast stimulation, particularly the nipples, releases oxytocin which is a chemical that can trigger uterine contractions.  Having sex is perfectly safe for your baby, but should be avoided if your water’s broken.  If you’re ready to meet your little one, go ahead and give your partner the look, put on a bit of mood music, and enjoy it!  At best you’ll be rewarded with contractions, and at worst you may have relieved a bit of physical tension.

Inducing Pregnancy Labor at Home – In the Kitchen
You may have a few rumored foods already in your pantry or fridge that may naturally help to get things started.  Herbs such as basil, oregano, and evening primrose are all rumored to help pregnant women induce naturally.  If you’re feeling hungry, try grabbing some pineapple, black licorice, or spicy foods.  Organic foods are best, and foods are most effective in their natural form—read the label, particularly for black licorice, to ensure that it’s the real thing.  And for pineapple, fresh is best—skip the canned or juice versions in favor of peeling the genuine fruit.

Inducing Labor Outside
Many mothers-to-be swear that long walks sent them into labor naturally.  There may be some truth to this old wives’ tale.  The rhythmic walking may not only help to nudge your baby into the correct position, but the longer you walk, the more pressure your pelvis feels, and this pressure may help to naturally start this process.  Another outside method some women believe does the trick is a bumpy car ride.  This may not be the most comfortable method of labor induction, but it may just work.  If you decide to try this method, take the time and make a great soundtrack to play during the trip—it will make all those bumps just a little more bearable if you can groove out to your all-time favorite songs.

If you’re ready to hold your little one, then any of these methods just may help you do it; however, there are no guarantees.  Enlist your birth partner’s help, whether it’s engaging in a new position, preparing a delicious meal full of labor-inducing courses, or providing companionship during a two-mile jaunt.  Whatever combination of methods you choose, keep trying until one works!

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