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Prenatal Tests 101: Routine Urine Tests in Pregnancy

Prenatal Tests 101 Routine Urine Tests

So throughout your pregnancy, your doctor or midwife will likely hand you a little white cup and ask you to pee in it.  Urine tests in pregnancy can reveal an astonishing amount of information in a very short time period.  First, a well-hydrated…

Prenatal Tests 101: Urinalysis and Urine hCG in Pregnancy

Prenatal Tests 101 Urinalysis and Urine hCG

Who knew that urine was so important?  Not only can it tell you that you’re pregnant, e.g. by urine hcg, but it can also reveal a host of other information throughout your pregnancy.  Before the birth of your baby your OB or midwife…

Cloudy Urine in Pregnancy -Issue or not During My Early Pregnancy?

Generally speaking, healthy urine is clear urine.  Of the many indicators of the body’s health, urine exists as a wonderful gauge.  Not only does the color of urine indicate health, but so can the smell and consistency.  However, expecting mothers may occasionally experience…



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