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Pregnancy Delivery: We’re Here! What to Expect at the Hospital

Pregnant, Delivery: We’re Here! What to Expect at the Hospital

Well, first, let’s hope you make it to the hospital rather than onto the 6 o’clock news as a new mama who delivered her baby with the heroic help of her birth partner in the back of the car!  While some labors are…

Pregnancy Labor and Delivery – What to Pack in the Hospital Bag

The Go Bag: What to Pack in the hospital bag for delivery

Ready, set, go!  When your pregnancy labor and delivery begins, you’ll likely feel excited as well as nervous through the contractions.  The last thing you’ll want to do is worry about putting what you need in a bag.  It’s a good idea to…

Forceps and Vacuum-Assisted Delivery – Pregnancy Delivery

Forcep and Vacuum-Assisted Delivery

This term refers to a vaginal delivery in which complications arise and a doctor needs to assist by using forceps or a vacuum device. Over the past few decades, forceps have fallen out of favor with most doctors as the medical community believes that a vacuum-assisted delivery tends to be lower risk.

Effective and Natural Childbirth Techniques

Effective and Natural Childbirth Techniques

Pregnancy comes with a variety of decisions; indeed naming your child may be the easiest one you have to make!  In addition to deciding where to have your baby, you also should explore how to have your baby.  And just like many other…

Creating Pregnancy Birthing Plans – Pregnancy Labor and Delivery

Creating Birthing Plans

The purpose of creating pregnancy birthing plans is to clearly communicate your wishes to everyone involved in the birth of your baby, including doctors, nurses, midwives, or doulas.  Creating this document ahead of time not only allows you to decide on what you…

Different Birth Options for Pregnant Women

In this blog, you will read information about different birth options for pregnant women. When asked about labor positions, many women assume that they will give birth on their backs, feet in the air.  The delivery bed is indeed the most common labor…

Pregnancy Delivery Tips – Facts About Cesarean Recovery

In this blog, you will find the information about pregnancy delivery tips regarding cesarean recovery. Read more here the facts about recovery tips from cesarean delivery. After nine months of pregnancy, every woman is ready to give birth.  And if your little one…

How Can I Speed Up My Birth? – Pregnancy Labor Tips

How Can I Speed Up My Birth

How Can I Speed Up My Birth? Read here the helpful tips on how to speed up your pregnancy labor and delivery. It’s a simple fact that some labor positions can speed the birth process.  Standard hospital labor, where the woman reclines on…

How Can I Choose a Certified Midwife? – Pregnancy Tips

How Can I Choose a Certified Midwife

How can I choose a certified midwife? Choosing a midwife is just like selecting any other healthcare professional: you should be prepared to set aside time to do some research and interview potential candidates.  Remember:  midwives are people too.   Some will be outgoing…

Should I Consider a Cesarean Pregnancy Delivery Beforehand?

Should I Consider a Cesarean Beforehand

In this blog, you will find information about cesarean pregnancy delivery. This information could help you if you will choose this type of pregnancy delivery. Elective cesarean sections are a controversial trend, and almost uniquely an American one.  Until the 21st century, cesareans were…



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