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Is Becoming a Midwife Difficult? – Pregnancy Care

Is Becoming a Midwife Difficult? Find out here how to become a certified midwife in United States and why it becomes world’s oldest professions. Midwifery exists as one of the world’s oldest professions.   Many ancient texts including the ancient Egyptian Ebers Papyrus, the Greco-Roman Gynecology text by Soranus of Ephesus, and the Bible’s Old Testament…

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Safe Exercises for Pregnancy

It is important to be safe when you are pregnant. These safe exercises for pregnancy will help you enjoy exercising while pregnant. Continuing to exercise during pregnancy could mean the difference between an easy and a difficult labor.  If you’d like to be one of those mamas who says “Well,…

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Back Pain During Pregnancy

You just got the news that your baby is growing healthy. This is what is supposed to happen, but as you are both growing, your back is carrying all that weight.  It’s hard when you have to catch up with your everyday obligations and you have back pain. You are…

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