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What About Pregnancy Water Births? – Pregnancy Labor and Delivery

What About Water Births?

Do you know someone who has given birth in water?  Odds are if you don’t, you will in the near future.  Pregnancy water births have become increasingly popular over the past two decades.  Although more warmly embraced in the homebirth and birthing center…

What are Some Signs of Chemical Pregnancy?

What are Some Signs of Chemical Pregnancy

A chemical pregnancy occurs when an egg becomes fertilized but does not fully attach itself to the uterine wall.  This can occur for a variety of reasons.  In the past, prior to extremely sensitive over-the-counter pregnancy tests, many women never realized that they…

Is Cramping in Pregnancy an Early Sign of Pregnancy?

Is cramping in pregnancy an early sign of pregnancy? The answer is yes; however, it is much less common than other early signs such as nausea and breast swelling or tenderness.  Prenatal cramping is often accompanied by spotting.  Let’s take a look at…

Best Cord Blood Bank Pros and Cons – Pregnancy Tips

Best cord blood bank for Your Baby, is banking their own Blood

Parents have several options when it comes to the best cord blood bank to donate their baby’s cord blood.  Where some parents choose to donate their baby’s cord blood to national bank to help others fighting diseases such as lymphoma, other may choose…

Donating Cord Blood of Your Baby – Pregnancy Tips

Donating Cord Blood of Your Baby

Blood can save lives.  This is particularly true of cord blood.  The blood within the umbilical cord contains high amounts of the blood-forming cells that can battle serious medical conditions such as leukemia and lymphoma among other blood diseases.  In essence, your baby’s…

What Birthing Positions Will Best Ease My Labor Pains?

What Birthing Positions Will Best Ease My Labor Pains

What birthing positions will best ease my pregnancy labor pains? Here’s the truth: natural labor will hurt.  Anyone who tells you something different is trying to sell you something that won’t work.  That being said, many options exist to help ease your labor…

UTI in Pregnancy – Signs, Symptoms, and Prevention

Urinary tract infections are bacterial infections of the urinary tract. UTI in pregnancy are common to the pregnant women from their sixth to their 24th gestate week. They are different than the ordinary UTI’s because of the missed signs, and if we do…

What Are All Early Signs of Pregnancy Symptoms?

What Are All Pregnancy Symptoms

If you’re trying to conceive it’s important to know the early signs of pregnancy.  The sooner you realize you’re pregnant, the better you can begin taking care of yourself and your baby.  During the 40 weeks you carry your baby you won’t actually…

Syphilis in Pregnancy- How it Affects Pregnancy?

Syphilis, can this sexually transmitted infection affect pregnancy

In this blog, you will find information about syphilis in pregnancy and on how it affects your pregnancy. Syphilis belongs in the sexually transmitted infections group caused by the bacterium called Treponema Pallidum. Pregnant or not, untreated syphilis can lead to serious long…

Food Additives to Prevent in Pregnancy

Beware of these Food Additives While You are Pregnant

In this blog, you will find useful information about food additives to prevent in your pregnancy. Read more on this blog and find out what are the lists of these food additives. You know about the raw meat and the raw egg and…



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