Pregnancy Labor and Delivery

Pregnancy labor and delivery is one of the stages that most pregnant women have feelings of fear. These are usually experienced by the first time pregnant women who have no idea on what to do in case pregnancy delivery date comes. Labor and delivery is a natural process where the baby comes out from the mother’s womb. The pregnancy pain and discomforts are normal and every pregnant woman will experience it especially if they will have the normal delivery. 

There are two stages in pregnancy labor and delivery, the early labor and the active labor. Our goal here is to give you some healthy labor and delivery tips, advice and guidance. From the basic and necessary needs to prepare in labor and delivery up to the after birth preparation, you can find it all in our blog. We have also included the different types of labor and delivery as well as the different types of baby position’s birth. 

As a curious pregnant mom, you should be aware of what to do and how to deliver your baby properly. You should know the different early pregnancy delivery signs of labor that will happen to you when the labor time comes. Mostly, you should know how to deliver the baby safely and in perfect timing. You can know all of these things if you are informed with ideas and tips from experienced moms. And with that, you can find it here in our blog. We have different topics to offer here in terms of pregnancy labor and delivery. From the life’s personal experiences, and testimonies of different mothers here. Up to the postpartum experiences of pregnant mothers and even pregnancy delivery complications that puts the life of the mother and the baby in danger. All of these are being discussed and packaged here in our blog!

If you have questions, concerns and comments, do not hesitate to contact us! We are here to assist you and help you to achieve a healthy pregnancy!

Enjoy reading and browsing our blogs!

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What About Pregnancy Water Births? – Pregnancy Labor and Delivery

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Do you know someone who has given birth in water?  Odds are if you don’t, you will in the near future.  Pregnancy water births have become increasingly popular over the past two decades.  Although more warmly embraced in the homebirth and birthing center communities, an increasing number of hospitals are…

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My Pregnant Health | Pregnancy Health Care Tips | Effective and Natural Childbirth Techniques
Effective and Natural Childbirth Techniques

Pregnancy comes with a variety of decisions; indeed naming your child may be the easiest one you have to make!  In addition to deciding where to have your baby, you also should explore how to have your baby.  And just like many other decisions, you have several different avenues to…

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My Pregnant Health | Pregnancy Health Care Tips | Best cord blood bank for Your Baby, is banking their own Blood
Best Cord Blood Bank Pros and Cons – Pregnancy Tips

Parents have several options when it comes to the best cord blood bank to donate their baby’s cord blood.  Where some parents choose to donate their baby’s cord blood to national bank to help others fighting diseases such as lymphoma, other may choose to bank their baby’s blood for private…

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My Pregnant Health | Pregnancy Health Care Tips | Donating Cord Blood of Your Baby
Donating Cord Blood of Your Baby – Pregnancy Tips

Blood can save lives.  This is particularly true of cord blood.  The blood within the umbilical cord contains high amounts of the blood-forming cells that can battle serious medical conditions such as leukemia and lymphoma among other blood diseases.  In essence, your baby’s cord is valuable, as donating cord blood…

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My Pregnant Health | Pregnancy Health Care Tips | What Birthing Positions Will Best Ease My Labor Pains
What Birthing Positions Will Best Ease My Labor Pains?

What birthing positions will best ease my pregnancy labor pains? Here’s the truth: natural labor will hurt.  Anyone who tells you something different is trying to sell you something that won’t work.  That being said, many options exist to help ease your labor pains—including yoga positions.  Birthing positions method such…

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Different Birth Options for Pregnant Women

In this blog, you will read information about different birth options for pregnant women. When asked about labor positions, many women assume that they will give birth on their backs, feet in the air.  The delivery bed is indeed the most common labor position in the United States, however it’s…

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My Pregnant Health | Pregnancy Health Care Tips | Using the Mind to Naturally Induce Labor
Using Mind to Naturally Induce Pregnancy Labor

In this blog you will find information and tips about using mind to naturally induce pregnancy labor. The brain is a significantly impressive organ.  Not only can it store and recall tremendous amounts of information, it communicates with the muscles in your body.  This ability is particularly important in naturally…

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