Every pregnant woman has the right to get pregnancy health and safety. Our goal here is to offer you the tips, guidance and encouragement that you will be safe and healthy while pregnant. There are many women, especially, first time pregnant women, who are worried and afraid about their health and safety. That is why we created this blog to encourage you that being pregnant has the guarantee that you will become healthy and safe.

Pregnancy has different stages. In every stage, you will feel the changes in your body, physically and emotionally. You need to be prepared on what to do in order to be healthy and safe while pregnant. Awareness to your eating lifestyle is also recommended. You should choose healthy food that is rich in vitamins and minerals that will be good to your baby and your body. 

Our blog here gives some health tips for pregnant women. It offers the healthy lifestyle that you should follow as a pregnant woman. From the food you eat up to the everyday task you do or daily pregnancy exercises routine.  Also, from the awareness to the different kinds of viruses, sickness, drugs and medication for your safety concerns. And even the solution for the common pregnancy discomforts and pains such as pregnancy insomnia and mental problem issues. All of these topics talk about your pregnancy health and safety. Thus, we have given it to you free as a great bonus for you and for your family.  

This blog is for the purpose of giving healthy tips, advice, and guidance to all the pregnant women out there. But before taking or following these guidelines, always ask your healthcare provider for health care tips for pregnant women. This is to ensure that these guidelines are not complicated to your pregnancy in terms of your medical history.

Enjoy reading our blog pregnant mommies! For questions, comments, and your personal concerns, contact us now! 

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Dry Mouth During Early Pregnancy

In this blog, we will discuss about dry mouth during early pregnancy. Find out why this happens and what you should do if you are experiencing this in your early pregnancy. If there’s one word that can sum up early pregnancy symptoms, it’s “hangover”.  Seriously, think about it:  the blinding…

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What are screening tests
What Are Screening Tests? – Pregnancy Health Tips

What Are Screening Tests? Find out more about this pregnancy test and how it will give benefits to your pregnancy. Read more here. Screening tests during pregnancy are offered to detect diseases or observe a condition to prevent significant problems. In the past decades, medicine was not sufficiently developed, so…

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Painful Intercourse During Pregnancy

In this blog, we will discuss the healthy tips about painful intercourse during pregnancy. Find out why this happens in your pregnancy period. Photo by Andrea Bertozzini on Unsplash When that BFP (Big Fat Positive) comes up and it’s your first pregnancy, life gets really weird.  You go into your…

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Why am I Spotting?
Why Am I Spotting? – Pregnancy Health Tips

Why am I spotting? It is important to find out why you are spotting in your pregnancy. You just got the news that your baby is growing healthy. In the meantime, back home, you notice several little red spots on your underwear, very similar to vaginal bleeding but not very…

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Glucose Tolerance Test
Glucose Tolerance Test – Pregnancy Test Tips

A glucose tolerant test is done in order to check if your body regulates your sugar levels properly. Glucose is the body’s main source of energy and it is found in many foods you eat. The Oral Glucose Tolerance Test or OGTT is used to diagnose gestational diabetes and is…

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Chorionic Villus Sampling
Chorionic Villus Sampling – Pregnancy Test Tips

In order to be sure that your baby is healthy there are a lot of procedures that may be performed to look for birth defects. Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) is one of them. It is a diagnostic test which can identify chromosome abnormalities and other inherited disorders. CVS may be…

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5 Simple Morning Sickness Remedies
5 Simple Morning Sickness Remedies in Pregnancy

In this post, we will discuss the 5 simple morning sickness remedies in pregnancy. If you’re well into your first trimester, you’re probably wondering who named pregnancy nausea “morning sickness” since it can occur at any time of day or night. Though it would be nice if your nausea was…

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Nuchal Translucency Test
Nuchal Translucency Test – Pregnancy Health Tips

Nuchal Translucency test is a prenatal test that can help your health care practitioner find out your baby’s risk of having Down syndrome or other chromosomal abnormalities and inherited heart problems. This test is non-invasive. It is done to measure the clear translucent space by using an ultrasound at the…

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