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Every pregnant woman has the right to get pregnancy health and safety. Our goal here is to offer you the tips, guidance and encouragement that you will be safe and healthy while pregnant. There are many women, especially, first time pregnant women, who are worried and afraid about their health and safety. That is why we created this blog to encourage you that being pregnant has the guarantee that you will become healthy and safe.

Pregnancy has different stages. In every stage, you will feel the changes in your body, physically and emotionally. You need to be prepared on what to do in order to be healthy and safe while pregnant. Awareness to your eating lifestyle is also recommended. You should choose healthy food that is rich in vitamins and minerals that will be good to your baby and your body. 

Our blog here gives some health tips for pregnant women. It offers the healthy lifestyle that you should follow as a pregnant woman. From the food you eat up to the everyday task you do or daily pregnancy exercises routine.  Also, from the awareness to the different kinds of viruses, sickness, drugs and medication for your safety concerns. And even the solution for the common pregnancy discomforts and pains such as pregnancy insomnia and mental problem issues. All of these topics talk about your pregnancy health and safety. Thus, we have given it to you free as a great bonus for you and for your family.  

This blog is for the purpose of giving healthy tips, advice, and guidance to all the pregnant women out there. But before taking or following these guidelines, always ask your healthcare provider for health care tips for pregnant women. This is to ensure that these guidelines are not complicated to your pregnancy in terms of your medical history.

Enjoy reading our blog pregnant mommies! For questions, comments, and your personal concerns, contact us now! 

We are happy to help you!

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My Pregnant Health | Pregnancy Health Care Tips | Prenatal Testing 101 streptococcus group b Screening
Prenatal Testing 101: Streptococcus Group B Screening

Last menstrual period date:

Streptococcus Group B  is one of the last tests your OB or midwife will order during your pregnancy.  As part of routine prenatal testing, this test is performed in the third trimester.  GBS, or Group B Streptococcus, refers to a type of bacteria.  Approximately 25% of women are carriers of…

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My Pregnant Health | Pregnancy Health Care Tips | Prenatal Tests 101 Routine Blood Tests and Serum hcg
Prenatal Tests 101: Routine Blood Tests in Pregnancy

So why should you submit yourself to that little prick when your doctor or midwife asks? Because your blood exists as a journal regarding what’s happening throughout your bodyMy content

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My Pregnant Health | Pregnancy Health Care Tips | Prenatal Tests 101 Routine Urine Tests
Prenatal Tests 101: Routine Urine Tests in Pregnancy

So throughout your pregnancy, your doctor or midwife will likely hand you a little white cup and ask you to pee in it.  Urine tests in pregnancy can reveal an astonishing amount of information in a very short time period.  First, a well-hydrated individual typically has very light-colored urine while…

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My Pregnant Health | Pregnancy Health Care Tips | Prenatal Tests 101 Amniocentesis Test
Prenatal Tests 101: Amniocentesis Test in Pregnancy

During your pregnancy you’re bound to learn an entirely new vocabulary.  One word your doctor is sure to use is amniocentesis. Amniocentesis test in pregnancy is important for your pregnancy health. Find out more through reading this blog. This word refers to a fairly common test performed to determine the…

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My Pregnant Health | Pregnancy Health Care Tips | What are Normal Chemical Pregnancy hCG Levels
What are Normal Chemical Pregnancy hCG Levels?

What are Normal Chemical Pregnancy hCG Levels? Undoubtedly, you’ll be learning an entirely new pregnancy-related vocabulary over the next nine months.  One of the new words, or acronyms in this case, you’re bound to come across is hCG.  hCG is short for human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is a hormone that…

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My Pregnant Health | Pregnancy Health Care Tips | why does it hurt when i pee z
UTI in Pregnancy – Signs, Symptoms, and Prevention

Urinary tract infections are bacterial infections of the urinary tract. UTI in pregnancy are common to the pregnant women from their sixth to their 24th gestate week. They are different than the ordinary UTI’s because of the missed signs, and if we do not treat the UTI immediately it can…

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My Pregnant Health | Pregnancy Health Care Tips | Syphilis, can this sexually transmitted infection affect pregnancy
Syphilis in Pregnancy- How it Affects Pregnancy?

In this blog, you will find information about syphilis in pregnancy and on how it affects your pregnancy. Syphilis belongs in the sexually transmitted infections group caused by the bacterium called Treponema Pallidum. Pregnant or not, untreated syphilis can lead to serious long term consequences. An early detection and treatment…

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My Pregnant Health | Pregnancy Health Care Tips | does urine have a strange odor during pregnancy 1 z
Urine Odor During Pregnancy – Pregnancy Tips

In this blog, you will find out the pregnancy tips about urine odor during pregnancy. This could be quiet intimidating, but most of pregnant women are asking and experiencing this. Find out here why. If your nose is particularly sensitive, you may indeed be able to smell a strange odor…

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