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Drugs in Pregnancy -Different Health Risks Pregnant Mother Should Know

Drugs – particularly illegal narcotics – can have a huge impact on the mental and physical health of users. Pregnant women are prohibited from using many of these drugs. This also applies to some prescription drugs, including those used for allergies or pain…

Viral Infections During Pregnancy – Information & Awareness

It is such an excruciating experience of nine months for expectant mothers as they go through a physical and emotional change altogether. Not only this, they are more prone to various viral and bacterial infections too as compared to other people. So, I…

Marijuana Detox While Pregnant – Pregnancy Tips

Are you pregnant, or looking forward to becoming a mother? Are you also trying to do marijuana detox while pregnant? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right blog! Here are some pregnancy healthy tips to help you go…

Potatoes and Pregnancy Health Risks – Healthy Tips For Pregnant Women

Potatoes and pregnancy have health risks issues that every pregnant women should know. Potatoes are healthy but did you know that it might increase pregnancy diabetes risk if you are not aware of it? Read more to find out. Most people enjoy the…



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