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Archive of the posts written by author: Charlene Smyth.

Why Can’t I Drink Alcohol While I Am Pregnant?

For generations, there was nothing wrong with pregnant or breastfeeding women having a drink or two a day. Drinks such as Guinness beer or stout were recommended and even prescribed by attending physicians

How Much Magnesium Can a Pregnant Woman Take?

How Much Magnesium Can a Pregnant Woman Take

Magnesium is another unsung hero of the nutrient world surrounded by a lot of hype, much of which is unproven or has been debunked.  Other than that, there isn’t a lot of information about magnesium’s role in pregnancy. We do know that without…

I Am Having Some Vivid Dreams in Early Pregnancy

I am having some vivid dreams in early pregnancy

During pregnancy, having really wild and weird dreams is par for the course.  The reason is multifold:  part of it is caused by hormone fluctuation (weird dreams are also a common symptom of PMS), part of it is physical, and part of it…

The Importance of Calcium to Pregnant Women

The Importance of Calcium to Pregnant Women2

Because we cannot manufacture our own calcium, it’s classified as an “essential” nutrient and there’s no time in a woman’s life when it’s more essential than when she’s expecting or nursing a baby.  Calcium is not “essential” for the developing baby – it’s critical. …

Should I Take a Chromium Supplement While I’m Pregnant

Should I Take a Chromium Supplement While I’m Pregnant1

Although ther …e hasn’t been a direct link, overuse of chromium does possibly have side effects, most commonly

Holiday Food Safety when You’re Pregnant

Holiday Food Safety when you’re Pregnant

Pregnancy is a trying time, no question.  Suddenly, the simplest functions that you’ve taken for granted all your life are fraught with complications.  So what the heck:  let’s just add some good old holiday tension in there! Seriously, being pregnant over the holidays…

Good Foods for Iodine While Pregnant

Good Foods for Iodine While Pregnant

The big question: “Should I add an iodine supplement to my diet?” The answer in a nutshell: Maybe …

Why Do I Have PMS Symptoms But No Period?

Why Do I Have PMS Symptoms But No Period

Thanks to those “groovy” movies they show us in middle school Sex Ed classes, it takes a very long time to shake the myth that our periods tick like clockwork, humming along smoothly, and every 28 days at  9am  it’s “cuckoo!  cuckoo!”.  As…

Foods to Avoid While Pregnant

Foods to Avoid While Pregnant

You’ve just discovered you’re pregnant?? Congratulations!!! You’ve made the announcement and here it comes: all the advice from everybody and her Nonna …

Dry Mouth During Early Pregnancy

 If there’s one word that can sum up early pregnancy symptoms, it’s “hangover”.  Seriously, think about it:  the blinding headaches?  The roiling stomach?  The queasy bowel?  Dizzy spells?  Nausea?  Mouth lined with flannel peeled off the bottom of the cat box?  It’s all…



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